May - Upcycling

Welcome to the month of May!!! We will be focussing our blog content for this month (and possibly into June) on the fantastic theme of 'Upcycling'!!

Upcycled Rag Rug
from QuietStoryTellers
Upcycled Steampunk Earrings
from VintageOoakDesigns

Upcycled Paper Beads
from DreamingTreeBeads

I am so excited for this theme, we have so many great artisans and shops on the AP Team that will be writing to tell us about what they do, give us tips and ideas and other general information about upcycling. We will also take a closer look into a few of those great shops with our weekly shop features.

Upcylced/Altered Book Purse
from RokkiHandbags
Upcycled Magnetic Board
from LeMaisonBelle

These are the links to post writen by guest writers from the AP Team:
What is Upcycling - by Shannon Johnston
Upcycled Alder Bentwood Side Table
from SNLCreations
Upcycling to Prevent Unneeded Waste - by Bill Custer

Reimagining Fashion - by Heather Cotton

How to Recycle Paper - by Elodie

Defining Upcycling - by Kelly Kellie

These are links to the weekly features on shops from the AP Team:

Upcycled Sconce Vase
from MissMacie
Linda Sienkiewicz - Rokki Handbags

Elodie's Shop - 100% Recycled Greeting Cards

MissMacie - Reclaimed and Upcycled Products
Upcycled Beer Tap Handle
from BillsWoodenPleasures
100% Recycled Paper Greeting Card
from ElodiesShop

Upcycled Sun Dress
from AccursedDelights

Links to the shops who's listings are featured on this page:

Upcycled Scrabble Tile Magnets

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