Treasury Challenge

        Each week on Saturday a thread will be opened to sign up for the week's Team Treasury Chain Challenge. The sign-up thread will be open from Saturday morning through Monday morning when the Challenge thread is opened. Anyone who signs up for the week is expected to create and enter at least one treasury, and each participant may create and enter as many treausries as he/she would like throughout the week The deadline for all entries will be 11:59 pm EST each Friday.
       The five winners from the previous week's challenge will choose our weekly themes, and they will be posted in the challenge thread along with links to thier shops and the shops of all the participants for the week. All entries must be curated based on one of the five themes, and the theme that was chosen must be posted in the thread along with the link to the treasury for the entry to be considered for one of the finalists selections. Each participant is welcome to create and enter multiple treasuries for any given theme, and to enter entries for any or all of the weekly themes. The only exception being that the previous week's finalists are only eligible to participate and enter treasuries for the four themes other than their own.

       Each treasury must include 1 item from the shop of the precious week's winner who's theme has been chosen and a minimum of 7 items from the list of shops of the weekly participants. The remaining spots on the treasury are open and may be filled from any shop on Etsy. Entries can not include more than one item from the same shop, and can not include any items from your own shop. Any entry that does not meet these criteria will be automatically disqualified from the challenge.

All treasuries made during the challenge should contain these tags
  - AP Team
  - APChallenge#X
  - etsyteamtreasury
  - Theme Tags which will be listed on each weekly challenge thread along with the weekly themes

      On Saturday a team of leaders will begin the process of nominating and selecting the winners for the week. There will be one winner selected for each of the five themes. All entries will be categorized and considered for each theme that they are based on, and any one participant is eligible to have more than one treasury selected as a winner if he/she has entered treasuries for multiple themes. If this happens, that participant will select two of the following week's themes. For selection of the winning treasuries we will be looking for creativity and unique takes on the chosen themes and titles used, aesthetics and balance of the overall treasury, variety of items featured, and good use of tags.
Timeline breakdown:
   - Saturday - Sunday - Sign up Thread is open
   - Monday - Challenge thread and list of participants posted
   - Monday - Friday 11:59 pm EST - Create as many treasuries as you like, and post to challenge thread
   - Sunday - Winning treasuries announced