Monday, January 30, 2012

Treasured Shop of the Week #2

Congratulations to Susan from libellulajewelry!! Her shop has been chosen as our next 'Treasured Shop of the Week'!!

This is the treasury that Susan created last week for Miranda from DOMINICANLOUNGE that won the drawing for this week's Treasured Shop of the Week:

For game rules please see the Treasured Shop of the Week page (tab found at the top of this page), or visit the threads on the AP Team Forum for more information:

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Winner of AP Team Treasury Challenge #3

Congratulation to Rene from lillyzcardz!! Her treasury, A date for valentines day, is the winner of the AP Team Treasury Challenge #3!!

Be sure to have a look at her treasury and stop by her shop as well!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's time to start voting for our AP Team Treasury Challenge Winner!!!

Posted below are the links to all the treasury entries from the AP Team for this week's challenge. Please take a look at them all and vote for your favorite here on our blog front page on the right side to help determine the winner of the challenge. The poll will run from Saturday January 28th at 9:00 am EST through Sunday January 29th at 7:00 pm EST. At that time the winner will be announced!

Thanks so much for everyone's participation! That is what makes us a great team!

1) Nature of the Beast by Cari A from CCARIA

2) Bring on the red! by Mary Clift from MarysPoshDoggieDiner

3) Red and Black by L.C. Cooper from LeMaisonBelle

4) That's the Story of Love by gclasergraphics from gclasergraphics

5) On the Wings of Love... by Rebecca Swan from RaveBracelets

6) Desert Journey by NorScott from NorScott

7) Raspberry Dazzle by Katrina Laflin from AnandaBijoux

8)Blue Skies by Shannon Johnston from PhreshThreadz

9) Happy Wednesday by CatchSomeRaes from CatchSomeRaes

10) Something Blue by Mandy from BeadsMe

11) A date for valentines day by Rene from lillyzcardz

12) Feeling Woodsy by Paula Erker from artwinkjewelry

13) bright. by Michele Wilson from luxurybubble

14) I "Heart" My Furry Friends by Linda Cox from pkdreams

15) Remember... by Allison Blacker from MILESTOGOwithALI

16) Is it Winter or Spring? by Carolyn Jenkins from forpawsandhome

Thursday, January 26, 2012

LeMaisonBelle - Upcycled Home Decor

LeMaisonBelle - Home Decor

     Le Maison Belle, which means The Beautiful House, is operated by LeAnn C. Cooper from Mississippi. She named her shop not after her house, but after her Great Dane shown in the photo above, who's name is Belle, and owns thier home in a manner of speaking. In Le Maison Belle you will find mostly upcycled and repurposed vintage home decor that is designed and crafted by LeAnn. She also offers a limited line of black and white photographs and some signs which are her original artwork done on reclaimed wood.

     LeAnn says that her most proud moments are when "someone actually buys something that I make…the items that I sell are 100% my work – from the artwork design to the final product, so I get a thrill when someone actually appreciates it enough to purchase it." She has always enjoyed making things, but she really got on a roll with her crafting and decided to open her shop on Etsy. 

     She has goals of increasing the number of painted signs she offers in her shop as well as the photography offered as she thouroghly enjoys both and basically lives with the camara strapped around her neck. She is also a writer, not yet published, but has won a William Faulkner short story award. LeAnn is married to her college sweetheart, David (who is tremendously supportive), and owned by her beautiful Great Dane, Belle (the one she named her shop after).

     "I find inspiration in anything old – taking castoff items and turning them into something completely new and different. I usually let things tell me what they want to be. I've found that if I try to force it, I don't always end up pleased with the final product," says LeAnn. When asked what she would like people to know about herself and her shop and craft she said "I have so much fun making the items that I sell at Le Maison Belle, and I hope that everyone loves the products as much as I love creating them. I'd also like to encourage people to put themselves out there. Other than a love of all things old, I had no experience at all when I started – just take that first step…"

    These are a few of LeAnn's favorite items currently listed in her shop:

You can find LeMaisonBelle here:

What is 'Meaningful'?

You've been told to share 'meaningful content' with your audience on your blog and Facebook page. The question is, what is meaningful? Here are a few ideas for content that will interest, excite and engage your blog and Facebook audiences resulting in participation, comments and interaction.

  1. Upload candid photos of a phase of your process to share with your followers. You could turn it into a fun ‘guess what I’m doing game’.
  2. Promote related businesses on your page/blog. Share the Etsy love with a shop that compliments your offerings
  3. Create a Facebook event and invite your fans. Are you participating in a craft fair or local market? Let your fans and followers know!
  4. Announce coupons and sales. Everyone loves a great deal!
  5. And what do they love more than a great deal…Winning Stuff! Engage with contests, competitions, drawings or sweepstakes! Be sure to follow the Facebook rules governing giveaways and they can be a fun way to get your fans involved
  6. Give information and advice. People are looking for value in their news and RSS feed. They don’t want to be sold to, they want information. This can be as simple as sharing content from people you follow…that’s why it’s called a ‘network’!
  7. Ask questions in your status to encourage interaction and conversation. It’s easy to use Facebook Questions with multiple choice answers…here’s a link for How To: Click Here

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shop Spotlight - mariasHandmade

     Maria started mariasHandmade in early 2011. One year later she is celebrating over 100 sales on Etsy! Maria says, “It all started by chance, I was never thinking…about sewing and crafting as a full-time job.” She started making things just for herself and then for some friends. She soon realized “my inspiration flows over this border and I create for someone…I just see people who could wear my accessories or jewelry. Their lifestyle, self-perception and even appearance. It’s always different, of course, but it’s in my head all the time.”

     Maria loves personalizing and customizing items for her customers which inspired her to start a second shop Found It Great, a vintage clothing and accessory shop where each item is waiting for it’s story to unfold. Maria says the most gratifying part of owning her Etsy shops is “getting lovely messages from people who just love what I’m doing…writing people (sellers) ‘just like that’ means you Really love their work.” She dreams of travelling to far off places and running into someone who wears her creations. “That would be great and I believe it will happen one day!

     Maria is inspired by everything around her but mainly by materials. “When I see a piece of fabric, a stone…I imagine where it can be used. But the interesting thing is it almost never looks like it was in my head. The idea is born while I’m crafting.”

     Several of Maria’s favorites include these suede and chain creations.

     Outside of working on her shop, Maria loves enjoys video, photography and everything about design and fashion. She aspires to combine all of these things in a project someday. “I love trying something new all the time and now I’m just looking for myself in this life.” Maria photographs herself modeling her fashions for her shops.

Find Maria's original creations at
Her vintage finds at

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winner of AP Team Treasury Challenge #2

Congratulations to Lisa Melcher from TheEclecticInterior!! Her treasury Fantasies and Deadwood is this week's Challenge Winner!!

Be sure to have a look at her treasury and stop by her shop to have a look around too!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's time to start voting for our AP Team Treasury Challenge Winner!!!

Posted below are the links to all the treasury entries from the AP Team for this week's challenge. Please take a look at them all and vote for your favorite here on our blog front page on the right side to help determine the winner of the challenge. The poll will run from Saturday January 21st at 9:00 am EST through Sunday January 22nd at 7:00 pm EST. At that time the winner will be announced!

Thanks so much for everyone's participation! That is what makes us a great team!

#1 - Rustic
#2 - Peaches and Cream
#3 - a fresh start
#4 - No Rhyme or Reason
#5 - sweet tooth
#6 - Love and The Blues
#7 - Warm Amber and Brown...Beautiful!
#8 - A Gold Mining Town
#9 - Many Hearts of the Sexy Beast
#10 - A Winter Stroll.
#11 - Bright Whites!
#12 - Purple Loves Orange
#13 - Orange and Blue
#14 - Life on the Farm
#15 - Fantasies and Deadwood
#16 - Bring It On Home To Me
#17 - I Never Promised You A Rose Garden!
#18 - Causal to elegant...
#19 - A shabby chic valentine

Friday, January 20, 2012

RaveBracelets - AP Team Leader

Rave Bracelets - AP Team Leader

     RaveBracelets is operated by Rebecca Swan, who goes by Becca. She opened her shop on Etsy in June of 2011, and she sells Rave Bracelets and Anklets, which are her handmade fabric bracelets and anklets with a twist. Her shop on Etsy evolved from the handmade acupressure bracelets that Becca makes for cancer and other patients needing treatment for nausea, morning or motion sickness, heartburn, etc.

     When she isn't busy working on her line of Rave Bracelets, Becca spends much of her time working on making the Anti Nausea Bracelets for those patients, which she sells on her web site Rogue Swan Creations The rest of Becca's time is spent caring for and being with her family, which consists of her boyfriend, two sons, three dogs, five cats and one turtle. She claims it seems that her day never ends, and I can only imagine that to be true.

     Becca had been a professional equestrian, but decided to take an extended leave of absence after learning that her younger son is high functioning autistic to be at home and care for him. She says, " This stay at home mom thing is hard for someone like me so I found an unexpected love for making acupressure bracelets and fabric jewelry. A few years ago I didn’t even know how to sew a button on… it’s funny how life can change at a moment’s notice. Everything I do is for my family. I want my children to look back upon their childhood with a smile."

     When asked what her hopes and goals were as leader of the AP Team she said, "My hopes and goals for AP team are to gain knowledge and support from each other and to have success with our individual businesses through team work."

These are a couple of the items you will find in RaveBracelets:

These are two of the Anti Nausea Bracelets you can find at

RaveBracelets can be found here:

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

PhreshThreadz - AP Team Leader


     PhreshThreadz is run by Shannon Johnston, where she sells mostly handmade bohohemian and hippie style womens’ clothing, bags and jewelry. She opened her shop in February 2011. Shannon learned to sew in high school when her best friend’s dream to be a fashion designer rubbed off. “I didn’t really do much then but when I did start teaching myself a few years ago I went back to what she had taught me as a starting point.” Shannon taught herself to make the clothes and bags she likes to wear and use. Shannon’s jewelry making started with a trip to Michael’s craft store. “I happened to come across some beads that I loved, so I bought them and what I thought I would need to make a necklace, only to get home and realize I had only half of what I needed!” From there, she was hooked and started making all kinds of different jewelry. “It is something that my daughter and I really enjoy doing together.”

     Shannon says “I am mother first. We like to take our kids out to the parks or the lakes, see movies or just play with the kids at home.” When She is not busy with her family she’s working on her sewing or jewelry making. Even with her full time job at a metal spinning company, she sometimes has time to enjoy her love for reading. She likes to crochet, paint and do paper crafting and scrapbooking as well. Shannon’s greatest inspiration is her children. “They have a way of thinking that is not limited to the ‘impossible’ that I wish came so easy to me.” She is also inspired by the world around her, nature, people and all the interactions that take place.

     Shannon hopes to see the Etsy AP Team become a meeting place for sellers and buyers. She sees the Team as a supportive environment focused on helping develop our crafts and businesses in order to be as successful as possible.

     These are a couple of the items you will find in PhreshThreadz :

You can find PhreshThreadz here:

MeshuMaSH - Vintage Finds

     MeshuMaSH is a vintage collectors' shop, ran by Irit Avraham, from the Galilee region of Isreal. In this shop she sells the great finds that she has come across while exploring flea markets. Irit also operates another etsy shop called artusticmood, in which she sells her art. Her first art shop, which opened about 14 months ago was her first shop on Etsy, and she has more recently ventured into the vintage business. She says that while " my main love is drawing women faces, figurative realistic faces, which move me," the vintage shop is "a new adventure for me, I like exploring old times and things that hold memories in them."

    When asked what inspires her, this is what Irit had to say: "Making things, crafting, is kind of a mood I get in, my inspiration is all that surround me, colors, sounds, objects, which at some point join together in mind, and manifest themselves. I make things, I up cycled things, not all of them are in my shops. I visit markets, and some things just call me, somehow they arise from all things, and I feel I need to have them, imagining them in someone's home, in my home. Exploring for things is a kind of art, because it is always new, always exciting, it is a way of respecting other people creations."

     "I am proud of the fact that I was persistent on making my online shop a successful place. The vintage shop is my second shop, Selling my Art was not easy, and I wanted to stay on Etsy, I loved all that is about it. Selling online is the future marketing, I feel good in that environment, and I feel creative, in more than one way."
      Irit's goal for her shops is to keep them interesting places, that people want to come back to, and where everyone can find a piece of themselves. She wants her shops to be exciting, and carry special items that awaken visitors' imaginations. She wants for her customers to get to know her, and to recognize and count on her devotion to them and her shops.

     When not busy running her three shops, Irit is busy running her house and three guys that love to eat. She enjoys creating all types of things, from cooking, baking, painting, sculpturing to making jewelry. She says, "Sometimes my muse is a material, sometimes a photo I see or a story I read, a leaf on the ground, basically everything surrounds me." She also enjoys reading, taking long walks and just lying out in the sun when she gets the chance.

     While Irit loves all the items she has for sale in her shops, these are a few of her favorites. These items can be found in MeshuMaSH:

     And these are a few of her favorites from artisticmood:

You can visit Irit's Shops and connect with her here:

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winner of AP Team Treasury Challenge #1

Congratulations to our first AP Team Treasury Challenge Winner!!!

Terrific Turquoise by Ellen from EllensClayCreations received the most votes by far. Ellen's treasury won with a total of 46% of the vote.

Be sure to have a look at Ellen's winning treasury, and don't forget to stop by her shop EllensClayCreations

This is a message from Ellen:

"Thanks to all those who voted for my Treasury, "Terrific Turquoise." I am thrilled to be the AP Team Treasury 1 winner!! I love being a part of the team and enjoyed sharing the lovely work from the talented artists featured in my collection.! As a special thank you, please enjoy 15% off any item in my shop: with Coupon Code: THANKS15"

This coupon code is valid through 01/22/12!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Featured Shops of the Week 01/14/12

Congratulations to Irit from MeshuMaSH and Maria from mariaHandmade!!!

   Maria nominated Irit's shop MeshuMaSH for this week's featured shop spotlight and this was the nomination that won the drawing. Keep an eye open for their shops features coming soon to learn more about them and their shops!!

The Ultimate Social Media Glossary

Have you ever been in a conversation about Social Media and thought people are speaking a different language? The advent of social media has created a new language of sorts. BlogSpot put together a fantastic explanation of 120 social media marketing terms in this post. It's a great resource even for the seasoned social media user!

AP Team Treasury Chain Challenge 1

It's time to start voting for our AP Team Treasury Challenge Winner!!!

Posted below are the links to all the treasury entries from the AP Team for this week's challenge. Please take a look at them all and vote for your favorite here on our blog front page on the right side to help determine the winner of the challenge. The poll will run from Saturday January 14th at 8:00am through Sunday January 15th at 7:00 pm EST. At that time the winner will be announced!

Thanks so much for everyone's participation! That is what makes us a great team!

1) Who Doesn't Like Hearts and Flowers? By Carolyn Jenkins from forpawsandhome

2) Terrific Turquoise by Ellen from EllensClayCreations

3) "Be"ad My Valentine by Day Thomas-Smith from lonecorndog

4) Dream...It by Mary Clift from MarysPoshDoggieDiner

5) She May No Longer Have Mykola's Love...But There Will Always Be The Sea by Susan from LibellulaJewelry

6) S is for...Sampler by CatchSomeRaes from CatchSomeRaes

7) Words With Friends by redmorningstudios from redmorningstudios

8) Winter Beauty by Paula Erker from artwinkjewelry

9) Pastel Black, Pale Black by Mandy from BeadsMe

10) Chocolate Covered Cherries! Yummy! by Kate from KatieJBeadDesigns

11) Love Is In The Air by TreasuresandBeyond from TreasuresandBeyond

13) AP Team Treasury Chain Challenge by L.C. Cooper from /LeMaisonBelle

14) Pink Persuasion by heatherhorrorpops from /AccursedDelights

15) Love is a Many Splendored Thing by Sharon from lilaccottagecards

16) Earthy Tones by Shannon Johnston from PhreshThreadz

17) The Road to Success... by Rebecca Swann from RaveBracelets

18) Hearts on Fire Gift Guide by Katrina Laflin from AnandaBijoux

19) Natural Beauty by Christine from 9thCycleStudios

20) The writings on the wall by Rene from lillyzcardz

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

BeadsMe - AP Team Leader


     BeadsMe is run by Mandy Harvey, and she sells handmade jewelry and some photogrophy. She joined Etsy in September of 2007, has been selling her jewelry on Etsy since October of 2007 and just more recently began selling her photography. She started making her handmade jewelry when looking for something fun to do in her spare time. She is a self taught jewelry artist. Her inspiration comes from the world she lives in, she says, "I love to colour co-ordinate jewelry for seasons and the present fashion."

     Mandy has recently completed a course in photography and due to start another one in February. She also runs another Esty Shop called Radicalglass, in which she sells items such as earrings, pendants and plates that she has created by fusing glass. However, she only does this craft seasonally as the summer heat in Sydney prevents her from working too much with fusing glass.

     When Mandy is not working on her projects for either of her two shops, or busy working on her photography, she is at work as a full time accountant. Mandy is also a volunteer fire-fighter, and may at times be found puting out a bushfire.

     Mandy's hopes and goals for the AP Team are to see it grow and become a great team where we can all learn from each other. She says that "a great team is one that runs smoothly. A group of people that are there for each other to advise and make suggestion for all of us to learn from. Yes we are all still learing - new things come along every day."

These are a couple of the items that you will find in BeadsMe:

You can find BeadsMe and Radicalglass here:

Sunday, January 8, 2012

megk8199 (Made by Meg) - AP Team Leader

megk8199 (Made by Meg)

     The shop megk8199 (Made by Meg) is operated by Megan, and she makes and sells knit items, including comfy knit socks, coffee cozies and more. She does plan however, to expand her shop to include sewn items and stitch markers in the near future. She originally opened her shop in June of 2010, but has just recently been getting more serious in her Etsy ventures. Megan taught herselft to knit a few years back while unemployed and needed something to keep occupied with. Since then she has also taught herself to crochet, sew and quilt, and is now trying her hand at card making and other paper crafts. She has found that she enjoys being crafty and learning new crafts.

     While not working on her shop on Etsy, Megan works as a server at a Denny's restaurant. She also enjoys watching sporting events; college football, college basketball and baseball are her favorites. But as her boyfriend is a huge Giants fan, that is what they are following currently. She also enjoys watching movies, reading, playing World of Warcraft and knitting and other crafty projects of course. She says her inspiration for her work comes from many places, sometimes she gets an idea from something she sees online or in a store, or sometimes ideas just come to her. She doesn't require much sleep, so she has that time to think about and plan her next projects.

     As for Megan's hopes and goals for the AP Team, she says " I hope that it can help our members become more successful than they would be on their own, and that we can grow to be supportive and super helpful to everyone involved."

These are a couple of the items that you will find in megk8199 (Made by Meg):

You can find megk8199 (Made by Meg) here:

Gulf Coast Laser Graphics - AP Team Leader

 Gulf Coast Laser Graphics

    Gulf Coast Laser Graphics is a husband and wife team, Tom and Denise, that sell personalized gifts and awards, mainly for dogs, cats and horses, but also items that can be personalized for friends, family and business associates. They have been selling through their shop on Etsy since September of 2008. They were looking for a way to change their previous business, and attending a floor care convention when they spotted a laser engraver that could be used to create amazing products using photographs and graphics; and they immediately saw the endless possiblities. After some first tries that were not as well received as they had hoped they would be, a friend suggested they start traveling and attending dog shows, so they created a line of products for the shows, and realized that some would fit perfectly on Etsy as well.

     They spend most of their time working on their business and shop, but also enjoy spending time with their children, they have 2 sons. They also enjoy sports and gormet home cooking. They are inspired by the travel that is requiered for thier business, their Germand Shepherd, and of course their children.

     Their hopes for the AP Team are for it to be a succesfull and non-intimidating platform for Etsians to join to promote, learn from each other, and share with eachother thier products and experiences.

     These are a couple of the items you will find in Gulf Coast Laser Graphics:

You can find Golf Coast Laser Graphics here:

Ananda Bijoux (Bliss Gemstones) - AP Team Leader

Ananda Bijoux (Bliss Gemstones)


      Ananda Bijoux (Bliss Gemstones) is run by Katrina Laflin, or Kat for short. In her shop you can find Chakra Balancing Gemstone Jewelry. She has been selling her jewelry on Etsy since September of 2011. Her jewelry creating started about 10 years ago, when she couldn't find exactly what she wanted anywhere and therefore decided to make what she wanted for herself. About 7 years ago she began exploring her own religous beliefs and learning about world religions, and at the same time began exploring complimentary medicine. She says "I found a connection between my search for enlightenment and the vibrational aspects of energy medicine. It all came together in my jewelry."

     When she is not working on her jewelry and her shop, Kat is a landscape architect, and has owned her own firm for 14 years. She states that the changes in the economy have given her the opportunity to explore other avenues of her self expression, and the result has been her jewelry and shop on Etsy. She is inpired by the world around her, and always has been. She says " The colors, aromas and sensory experience of being in nature is always a big inspiration to me. Any time I'm stuck creatively or feeling a bit off, a walk outside feeling the sun on my face or the cold wind against my skin helps ground me and energize my creativity."

    Kat's goals for the AP Team are for it to be a go-to platform for all team members to grow their business, both on Etsy and other aspects of life. She hopes to see the team expand as the world of social media expands to address new social media platforms and opportunities.

These are a couple of the items that you will find in Ananda Bijoux:

Ananda Bijoux can be found here: