Thursday, June 21, 2012

Why Repurpose Glass Bottles? - by Deana Vail

There are millions of tons of reusable resources ending up in the landfill every day in this country - everything from metal, plastics, and paper to furniture, clothing, and even plant materials. So, being an eco-artist, why would I choose to work with just glass? The answer is really quite simple.

Out of all the resources that can be reclaimed, recycled, and repurposed, glass is the only material that never breaks down. A glass bottle will be a glass bottle until someone decides to do something with it. Its properties are never reabsorbed by the earth. Glass does not absorb water. It does not become brittle in the sun, and it doesn’t fade. In fact, it’s this durability that makes glass the safest vessel for our food and beverages as it does not leach harmful chemicals or dyes like plastics or aluminum cans. Plus, with so many local bars and restaurants, the access to this “unwanted material” is plentiful!

Then, there’s the versatility of repurposing a glass bottle. A glass bottle can be made into drinkware, lighting, jewelry… the only limit to repurposing a bottle is your imagination! Glass is perfectly at home whether on your dining room table or hanging around your neck. Plus, depending on your process, many different items can be made from a single bottle!

And finally, glass is just beautiful. Every element of a glass bottle adds to this beauty – from the varying thickness, to the shape, to the color – every bottle has its own personality and character. In fact, I often refer to a glass bottle as a snowflake. No two bottles are ever the same! Have you ever seen sunlight illuminating the curves of an empty green wine bottle? If you have, then you know what I am talking about. Glass has a beauty and a glow unlike anything else on earth.

Glass can be a tricky and fickle material to work with. Yes, you will get cut from time to time… and yes, you have to use safety procedures when working with glass, but the reward of creating a shiny, unique and safe product is worth all the frustrations you will encounter. Glass gives you the freedom to unbottle your creativity while, at the same time, do something good for the environment.

This was written by Deana Vail from GroovyGreenGlass and published on her behalf. All the photos shown are property of the author and not to be copied or reproduced in any way without her prior consent.

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