Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Susan Napper-LeDuc - SNLCreations

Susan Napper-LeDuc is a stained glass and bent wood artist behind the inspired items in her Etsy shop SNLCreations. In our interview, Susan shares how she got started, her passion for her art and her greatest accomplishments!

Q: What inspired you to try to make something with what would be considered 'trash'?

Susan: I come from a family of makers and menders, not as their occupation, but as a necessary part of their lives. My family was very resourceful and absolutely nothing was ever wasted. When something was beyond mending, it was taken apart and useful pieces were saved to be used again.

Q: How long have you been upcycling? How did you get started?

Susan: I’ve been “upcycling” since I can remember. We called it “making do”. I remember as a small child bringing home an armful of cattails and tall grasses that I wanted to display in our living room. We had nothing large enough to hold them so I made a large vessel out of a stacked bunch of old ice cream containers and paper mache, paint and varnish. I also turned tired old jeans into skirts and bags, unravelled old sweaters to make new sweaters, and refinished all my hand-me-down bedroom furniture, which is kind of an upcycling to me.
Today, I’m as passionate as ever to upcycle...I believe conservation is a must! My pet peeve is litter and I think waste is a bad word! I would much rather make something from “trash” than see it end up in a landfill.

Q: What type of upcycling do you do?
Susan : You can see some of the following examples of upcycled work I do today in my shop:
-used woollen rags (coats, skirts, blankets, etc.) are now warm hooked rugs
- barnboard and old window panes are now unique rustic frames to showcase a rare four leaf clover.
-hems and other alterations of cotton flannel clothing are now cozy flannel quilts.
-used marbles are now funky, colourful suncatchers and ornaments
- used pine boards from building sites are now table tops for rustic furniture

Q: Where do you find materials for your creations?

Hand Hooked Chakra Energy Rug
Susan: I generally don’t have to look far to find materials for these items I make. Most are already here in my home. I would like to mention that the first hooked rugs I made were inspired from a steamer trunk jammed full of woollen rags that I inherited from my Grandmother. She was going to make her own mats from this wool. Much of this wool I recognize from years gone by and it brings back wonderful memories. I always have at least a piece or two of it in every rug that I make.

Q: What have been some or your proudest moments and greatest accomplishments regarding your craft and/or shop?

Susan: Biggest accomplishment regarding my work – becoming a juried member of the NB Craft Council
Cedar Wood Garden Setee
Proudest moment regarding my work – First time as a vendor at Market - I actually sold out! An amazing feeling!

Q: What are your goals for your shop? Where do you see your business in the next few years?

Susan: I want to expand into two shops and keep SNL Creations as just glass work and then have another shop, Backyard Ventures, as all the rest of what I do. I also intend on offering plans/DIY workshops/patterns/kits as part of Backyard Ventures. In my “real” backyard, I also intend on having real workshops for anyone interested.


Q: Where to you get your inspiration for your art and for life in general?

Susan: My inspiration seems to come from out of the blue and it can come from anywhere. A song; a quote; a feeling; the raw material itself

Q: What do you do outside of working on your shop? Other hobbies, career, family?

Susan: Outside of the shop – I love to spend time with my family. We love to eat out.... Greek and Chinese foods are family favs. I love to be outside – walking, hiking, biking, gardening. I love to read and I love to practise Yoga.

Visit Susan's Etsy Shop to see the full range of her amazing creations!

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  1. I love the hand hooked Chakra energy rug, and the fact that there's a little of your Grandma in every rug!