Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Making Paper Beads - by Roxanna Meyer

I really hate making garbage and try to make as little as possible. Not always an easy task with the way things we buy are packaged. I also don't like to waste things. I keep pasta sauce jars for storage, make compost out of all my kitchen scraps, keep toilet paper tubes for planting seeds. I love crafting and when I learned you can make beads out of paper I had to do it. Making something out of what used to be garbage seemed like a great idea. The reason I love making paper beads is because they always come out different. Different paper thickness, cutting the triangles into different widths and lengths, different paper patterns – you never know what you will end up with, but they are always beautiful. I have created beads with greeting cards, wrapping paper, junk mail and thin cardboard boxes – like the boxes butter is packaged in. It is also really easy and relaxing - I tend do make beads while sitting watching cartoons with the kids. I started selling them on etsy because I started running out of room and didn't want to stop making them! If you look hard enough, there is the always a way to make beauty out of garbage!

It is really a simple process. You start with your paper, a ruler, a pencil, fishing line, and something to roll your beads with. You can use anything you like, depending on what size you would like the hole in your bead to be. For a very narrow hole, you can use a toothpick or a needle. For a larger hole you can use a bamboo skewer.

Mark the top and bottom of the paper with a dot every ½ inch. Starting with the last dot on the bottom right, make straight line with your ruler to the top right corner and continue making triangles on your paper. Then simply cut along the lines.

Starting at the widest point of your triangle, start rolling it tightly around the needle. Using your nails to catch it in at first, ensuring to keep the paper centered. Put a dab of glue at the end and press down on it for a few seconds to hold the bead in place.

String your newly made beads on plastic fishing line and varnish them. You can use polycrylic, or even clear nail polish. Let dry between coats. You can coat it until you like the finish.

This was written by Roxanna Meyer and published on her behalf, all photos shown are property of the author and not to be reproduced without her prior consent.

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