Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What is Upcycling?

It's a new month, and we are beginning a new journey through a theme that I am super excited about. We will be looking at anything and everything Upcycled for the month of May!! Keep posted here to read what some AP Team members that sell upcycled products in their Etsy shops have to say about their own upcycled work and their shops as well as read some features on amazing shops and finds from the AP Team on Etsy!!

100% Upcycled Notebooks
from QuietStoryTellers
 Upcycling is a relatively new phenomenon, though I’m sure it is much older than one could imagine in reality; only the terminology is new. I think people have been upcycling since people have been making things, or basically since the beginning of mankind.

Garden Setee Cedar Wood Rustic Outdoor Bench
from SNLCreatsions

To upcycle is to take an item that’s no longer useful, or that’s unwanted, and use it, or maybe just parts of it, to create something new that is useful and wanted.

Book Purse Made from "Paul Bunyan" - an Altered Book Purse
from RokkiHandbags

Upcycle Magazine has a great article on What is Upcycling that defines and describes the topic, especially a section on how upcycling differs from recycling. A couple of the differences given in the article are that recycling is a chemical process whereas upcycling is a physical process, or that for something to be considered upcycled it must have an increased value or quality. They also claim for all the various reasons people find for upcycling and recycling to be different to be true, and therefore they use a broad and general definition of the term. I would also personally add that upcycling happens on a small scale basis, and recycling is large scale for the most part, but that is a personal opinion of mine.

Handmade Paper Bicone Beads
from DreamingTreeBeads

DIP Switch Necklace and Earring Set
from k5art
Mini Vintage Envelopes
from VintageOoakDesigns
What I find amazing personally, is the creativity in the different uses of unwanted products that we can find, especially in a world as infinitely creative as the world of Etsy.  I'm not one to waste excessively, but I have come accross many creative finds on Etsy that made me question my own waste.

100% Recycled Paper Card
from ElodiesShop

Reclaimed Wall Art, Owl and Vase
from MissMacie

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