Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Upcycling Paper from Vintage Books - by Maria from VintageOoakDesigns

I love paper & all the fun things that can be done with it! Vintage & Antique books are my favorite because of the natural aging that occurs. Taking these old, forgotten, and many times damaged books & turning them in to something beautiful & used I is what I do best! Originally I was using the cherished vintage pages as business card envelopes to send with my orders.

Then one day I was playing around with some paper scraps ( I hate to throw it away so I keep a handy stash available for experiments!) and came up with my # 1 seller…the Ch.5 Vintage Paper Rosette Earrings. I wrote a little story to go with the earrings you can read it here: Vintage Paper Earrings from VintageOoakDesigns

Another fun idea using vintage paper scraps was my Vintage Paper Bunting Banner Necklace. These are super fun to make because I can display even the most intricate picture in a book with this necklace. Most recently I discovered having one side with a beautiful picture & the other a favorite customized number or word.

Upcycling has been used throughout man’s history…taking the “leftovers, or unwanted items” and finding a usefulness for it! I believe in the handmade world being able to do that truly makes an item unique & one of a kind and takes a lot of creativity!

So look your craft room, what do you normally throw away? How about turning that item into something spectacular and allowing it to serve another purpose!

This was written by Maria from VintageOoakDesigns and published on her behalf. All the photos shown are property of the author and not to be copied or reproduced in any way without her prior consent.

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  1. I love the earrings! What a great idea. I would be willing send you the texts from the antique books I turn into purses... we could cross-advertise!