Thursday, May 17, 2012

MissMacie - Reclaimed and Upcycled Products

MissMacie is an Etsy shop that sells art made from upcycled and reclaimed items, operated by a husband and wife team. We had the opportunity to interview them on their particular product lines and how they create 'new' art by upcycling, and here is what they had to say.

All of MissMacie's items are made using upcycled/reclaimed products. We find that upcycled products have a allure that can't be gained without the benefit of time and weather. We mainly make wall art and jewelry, using weathered pallets, barn wood, scrap cabinetry wood, and old spoons. When we first got started upcycling we thought about what options we already had for finding resources. We knew several local vendors who had left over scrap wood and pallets. We found old spoons at flea markets, and gathered barn wood from locals who had torn down old structures on their property. (with permission of course)!


I have been playing around with upcycling for my apartment for several years, after getting married I had my husband help with the crafting of the wood, and I came up with the ideas and painted them. I was inspired by what was around me, mainly nature, by looking at the "old" wood I would gain a feel for what it was and construct an idea for what it could be.

The best moments for me our actually the stories that we hear back from our customers. Some of the stories about why they buy our items are real tear jerkers. Knowing that something we have re-created will live on and have a new story is the best part.
We hope to continue to grow our shop and develop as crafters increasing the amount of products in our shop, and finding new inspirations for our items. I think our favorite item would have to be the "Barn Owl" painted on reclaimed wood. It has such a rustic living feel, and we just love it. Like many of our items it is hanging on our wall at our house right now!

Our inspiration comes from the beauty around us, we are lucky enough to live in Portland, Oregon and are able to get out into nature as often as possible. Most of our ideas come while we are out camping, hiking, or rafting down a river. Sometimes the pieces of reclaimed art speak to us too, before we even begin painting on them.
Right now I am finishing up nursing school, I finish in about a month and can't wait to have more time to focus on my crafting! I got married this past summer, and enjoy spending time working on crafts with my husband, getting out into nature, reading, or exploring Portland.

I would like to share that all our products are made with love. The love of nature, love for crafting, and the love between me and my husband all go into every piece we make at MissMacie.

To see more work from MissMacie please visit:
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All of the photos shown here are property of MissMacie and are not to be copied or reproduced in any way without prior consent from the owner.

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