Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How to Recycle Paper - by Elodie

*There are many ways and techniques to make paper, this is how I DO IT.

At first I sort and select all the paper to be recycled. I then rip it into small pieces, and place them into the blender that I fill with warm water. I run it until the pulp looks smooth and well blended.

I fill up my plastic basin with water, add the pulp and stir the mixture.

I place the mold into the pulp and then level it out while it is submerged. I pull out the mold gently and slowly until I feel resistance. I wait a little so most of the water has drained. My sheet of paper is formed.

I take the deckle off and gently place a piece of fabric on the new sheet. I turn it over and use a sponge to press out, on the screen, as much water as possible. (this part needs care, you can easily ruin your sheet) I wring the excess water from the sponge back into the large plastic tub.

Now, I hold the fabric and slowly lift the edge of the mold. I repeat those steps and stack 5-8 sheets with fabric and then press them. I gently separate the sheets to hang and dry them!

When it is dry, I peel the sheet of paper and press it again to make it flat!

It takes time and experience to make paper. You can try with any kind of paper, plants, you also can add ribbon, dried flowers etc… to your pulp, the possibilities are endless! It is relaxing and I really enjoy making paper!

This was written by Elodie Bouchard and published on her behalf. All photos shown are property of the author and not to be copied or reproduced in any way without her prior consent. Check out Elodie's Etsy shop to see her amazing recycled paper creations!

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