Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Raegan Robins - LuckyNola

LuckyNola is an Etsy shop run by Raegan Robins, a clay artist inspired by life around her. Raegan has been working with clay for 25 years and opened her Etsy shop in August of 2009. Her adventures in clay began in college with much larger hand-built figurative scultures. Her current creations focus on housewares and gift items ranging from wall hangings and wall pockets to plates, bowls and wearable pieces like earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other accessories.

We had a chance to ask Raegan about her greatest accomplishments, proudest moments, business goals, favorite creations and her inspiration. Here's what she has to say.  

Q. What have been some of your biggest accomplishments? 
Raegan: I have begun wholesaling to a some shops around New Orleans, a few throughout the U.S. and one in Australia

Q. What are your proud moments regarding your craft and/or shop? 
Raegan: Well, I was a vendor at a market a few weeks ago and on separate occasions during the day little girls bought my work. The were somewhere between the 7 to 9 age range, but they used their allowances to pay for what I made. Also, I was impressed that they did not go for the least expensive. One bought a $25 butterfly and the other a $30 bunny. 

Q. What are your goals for your shop? Where do you see your shop/business in the next few years? 
Raegan: I am in the process of opening a retail / studio space. Hopefully that will be running smoothly and will be profitable! Classes will also be held there. 

Q. Where do you get your inspiration for your work? 
Raegan: Making the smaller wall hangings was originally inspired by my daughter. I wanted her to be surrounded by art but also be able to touch it. With that thought, I began making pieces she would find intriguing yet something that could become a part of her, a staple in her line of sight, and something special she could also love as an adult. That's where the ideas originated but I began realizing these were things I loved as an adult, so I am also making things for adults that are fun but sophisticated. 

The Curious Butterfly

Primitive Style Circus Horse

Alice's It's Your Turn Rabbit

Raegan notes that none of her pieces are molded. "I have designed items that I know will never be reproduced but I have also trained myself to design some pieces so that I may produce a series of one-off pieces, almost like prints." Outside of Etsy, Raegan is a mother and also helps take care of her elderly Grandparents. 

In addition to seeing Raegan's creations at LuckyNola on Etsy, you can connect with Raegan here;

Raegan's Facebook
Raegan's Twitter
Raegan's Pinterest

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