Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Kindergarten Technique Elevated: Learn SGRAFFITO - by Cindy Ginter

A Kindergarten Technique elevated: Learn SGRAFITTO!
It’s morning, you wander to your cabinet for that mug to hold your coffee and you reach for a mug and you reach for one of my mugs and you are stirred from semi-consciousness.  You are confronted with bright colors, undulating lines, and unique textures that drawn your fingers to touch them.  You are now awake without drinking an ounce of coffee, and you know that coffee will just be a bonus!
Very awake now, with mug in hand you muse about how this wild design got onto to the surface of your mug.  
The secret is revealed in your own memory.
 Think back to your carefree days of kindergarten and this project is probably lurking somewhere in your distant memories.  With crayons at the ready, your teacher told you to scribble all kinds of bright colors all over your white construction paper.  Trust me this was a great fun for you, you didn’t have to stay in the lines!   You looked at your abstract colorful design and to your horror you teacher told you to paint or color black all over the design.  Reluctantly you did this, but later you understood the magic and you were thrilled when you scratched a through the black and now your lines were filled with bright colors and let’s just say it felt a little like magic to you!

Today I use this same technique on my mugs it is referred to as Sgrafitto.  Just like the kindergarten technique, I paint a bright colored glaze on the surface of my mug with an underglaze.  These underglazes can be bought at any clay supply store online.  The underglazes are your crayons and your pallet of colors is great indeed!
 I am a little more deliberate about my color choices today then I was when I was five but the technique is the same, I use a stylus to scratch my designs (Sgrafitto) through the surface of the reveal the color below.  Some clay artists use this technique to create highly sophisticated drawings on their pots.  This technique can be done with great precision or very loosely it all depends on your own artistic sensibilities!  Whether you’re a sculpture, painter, or potter this technique can easily be put in your toolbox of tricks!  Remember you did Sgrafitto in Kindergarten; you can do it even better now!

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