Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Judy Abdelaziz - New Day Pottery

Judy Abdelaziz started making and selling her pottery at craft and art shows in the Fall of 2008 in North Carolina. She established her Etsy Shop, New Day Pottery in June 2011. Judy is also a frequent vendor at pottery shows. In January of this year Judy has some time between shows and was able to add over 60 items to her Etsy shop and push her listing count to over 100 items!

Judy took a class with her sister-in-law. “I fell in love with creating something beautiful out of clay.” Judy explains she makes colorful stoneware that is fired to Cone 5 in an electric kiln. “I love making items with color and style for entertaining.”

Judy is active in her local community of artisians, serving as President of the Carolina Claymatters guild in 2011. She received an honorable mention at the 2010 Summer Juried Shop at Mint Hill Arts, one of her noted accomplishments.

In the future, Judy would like to add more items to her shop, continue promoting her work to get noticed and, of course, sell more! “I would love it if I could slow down on the art and pottery festival route and sell from home.”

A few of Judy’s favorite items from her shop:

Calla Lily Pitcher
Dragonfly Coffee Table Bowl

Decorative Fruit Bowl

Blue Berry Bowl Colander

Cinco de Mayo Serving Bowl
Judy notes beautiful things are a source of inspiration, especially historical pottery and nature. Judy is also inspired by improving upon items she sees in stores. “Recently I made a punch bowl set. I can’t wait to glaze it!”

When she is not working at her potter’s wheel, Judy enjoys time with her husband of 25 years and her two boys, now 17 and 22. “We have a cabin in the North Carolina mountains  where we spend many weekends. I just got a nice camera and hope to start taking some great nature photos.”

To keep up with what’s happening in Judy’s studio, connect with her here:
New Day Pottery on Etsy

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