Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cindy Ginter - Potterygod

Cindy Ginter

Potterygod is Cindy Ginter’s Etsy shop where she sells her whimsical handmade pottery. Cindy has been a part-time potter since 1985 and started selling her ceramics on Etsy in 2006. She contributes the success of her business to learning how to market herself on Etsy.

Cindy’s adventure into ceramics began at The 577 Foundation, a local community center in Perrysburg, Ohio. In the “Art Barn” under the instruction Edith Franklin, a great potter local to Perrysburg, Cindy learned to throw, hand build and extrude pots. “I love to sculpt, so many times I use the skills to make cute monsters, cats and clocks.”

The day Cindy discovered she couldn’t keep up with the sales from her Etsy shop is the day she cites as her greatest accomplishment. “After that time, I decided I would switch to selling on Etsy exclusively.” Cindy works full time as an administrator for a large social service organization and creates at night. “Thankfully I retire in a few years and I hope to spend my days potting full time and increasing my sales on Etsy. It is a great time for the steady build up of my Etsy shop.”

These are a few of Cindy’s favorite items from her shop:

Three for Tea
Porcelain Tea for Three Cups

Wild Snack Bowls
Wild Snack Bowls

Bird and Flower Art Platter
Bird and Flower Art Platter
Ceramic Tumblers
Set of 2 Ceramic Tumblers

It’s no surprise looking at Cindy’s whimsical work that she is inspired by Dr. Seuss! “I like unusual shapes, bright floors and whimsical characters and my work is often described as ‘Seussian’.” Cindy enjoys cheerful colors and finds she is disappointed with the results when she strays from her bold color palette.

Like so many Etsians, Cindy is a true artist and enjoys other creative outlets in addition to her potting. As a graphic artist and amateur photographer, Cindy has found another outlet for her crativity. “I have a line of designer ties, messenger bags and posters.” You can find her other work on her Potterygod Blog

Cindy prides herself on great customer service including quick delivery and at times, working with others to produce custom designs. “I don’t want my functional pots sitting on a shelf getting dusty!. I make my pots food safe, dishwasher and microwave safe all in hopes that people use the pots daily!”

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