Friday, March 30, 2012

Wendy from Wendy's Wonders

In Wendy's Etsy shop, Wendy's Wonders, she offers a wide array of accessories in every color of the rainbow. She features unique hand crocheted accessories, hats, afghans, baby gifts and quilts. Wendy began crocheting 10 years ago and according to her, "my addiction was born. I stared out crocheting afghans and it just kind of snow balled into cedar chests full of items." Wendy has been selling on Etsy for a year and considered it the perfect venue to share her creations with people who understand ant appreciate hand made, quality goods.

Wendy comes from a family of lady crafters. "The women in my family have always been crafty. Mostly sewing and quality, but they all knew how to knit." With a mother who owns a yarn shop where she sold knitting machines, Wendy learned from a master. "After I had my first child, she taught me how to knit on a knitting machine and from there I knitted for designers who needed contract workers to knit for them." This opportunity afforded Wendy the option of bringing in some income while staying home with her children. Her grandmother taught Wendy to crochet the basic granny square and from that one lesson, her business has grown.

"I think one of my biggest accomplishments was when I made my very first knitted wool jacked with a hood. It took me three moths to make that jacked and I still wear it to this day." This complex project is a unique, completely custom creation right down to Wendy's original pattern design. "I am still learning so much about knitting and writing patterns, but that jacket set the bar for all things to follow."

Wendy has great hopes and dreams for her Etsy shop. "My goal is to be able to make a living selling my items." Part of Wendy's plan to make this dream a reality is to reach out to ski lodges to expand her brand and draw interest. "It is a rather tall order but I believe that with every small step I will eventually get there."

Wendy's favorite items in her shop are those she enjoys making the most, hand painted wool fingerless gloves and Newsboy hats. "The hand painted yarn is one of my most favorite materials to work with."

It's no surprise that Wendy is completely inspired by Yarn! "I find different textures and colors of yarn can be the most inspiring. Sometimes, I will have a skein of yarn sitting on my table for weeks, not knowing what to make with it. Then one day it will just talk to me and an idea is born."I hope to expand my shop by getting into a few Ski Lodges and getting my name out there."

Wendy's life is very full an active. As the mother of two school-aged children and head of her household, mothering, cleaning, baking and kitting are her career. "My life is full." Even so, Wendy explains she is always learning and discovering new things. "I try to add new items and new designs to my shop frequently. Different yarns, different stitches, different patterns...never know what you will find unless you look!"

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