Monday, March 12, 2012

How to Prepare Your Yarn: Tutorial - by Carolyn Jenkins

Before you start your project turn that skein of yarn into a ball. Sometimes you can't find both loose ends of the yarn when you are working from a skein until all of a sudden you pull out a tangled mess. Hopefully you'll be able to untangle it but if not you are going to end up cutting it out then you'll have to knot it together or start all over again. Sometimes the manufacture has pieced two pieces together with a knot or I've found different colors blended in some areas. If you just take that extra time and wind your skein into a ball you'll be able to see any imperfection before you begin.

When you have your ball of yarn you can use a sharp hole punch and make a hole in a closeable plastic baggie, run your yarn through the hole, close it up and your yarn will stay clean and limit the rolling around while working with it. It is also good idea to tape the label to the baggie so you'll have all the washing instructions, color and brand information right there. I wouldn't staple it because your yarn may get caught in the staple.

Step by step:

1. New skein of yarn.

2. Find the loose end and pull it out.

3.Wrap the loose end around your fingers.

4. Keep wrapping around until you have enough to take off your fingers and just wrap around the yarn itself to form a ball.

5. Skein turned into a ball.

6. Get a closeable baggie: 1 gallon size for this big ball and a sharp hole punch.

7. Punch a hole in the baggie. 

8. Tape the label to the baggie put the yarn in and pull the end through the hole then close baggie.

9. Now you are ready to begin your project.

This was written by Carolyn Jenkins and published on her behalf. All photos shown are owned by Carolyn Jenkins and not to be copied or reproduced without her consent.
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