Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vintage Ooak Designs

Vintage Ooak Designs is an Etsy shop started by Maria in April 2011. She creates one of a kind handmade jewelry, accessories and paper crafting items. Maria makes all her own products, gift boxes, ribbon and gift tags…everything is handmade! “Each item in my shop has hours of work put into it, from the item itself to the packaging. I have a passion to create.”

Maria is the eldest of 11 children and has been since she was 12 years old to create her very own jewelry on a shoestring budget. “I soon discovered that making my own jewelry was super fun and gave me a unique item that no one else had.” Maria also has a love for vintage and antique items that stems from time spent at her father’s side attending estate sales, garage sales and her favorite, flea markets. “I have been around vintage and antique items my whole life.”

Maria is inspired by color. “Colors always tell a story and I love to create what they are saying.” Her greatest accomplishment as an artist is most certainly establishing her Etsy shop and having a venue to share her work with others. The thought that someone would spend their hard earned money on her creations brings Maria a sense of gratitude and happiness.

In the future, Maria would like to open two more shops, one focused on children’s accessories and the other specifically for paper goods. “I would love to see the day when I have a steady flow of orders coming in.”

When she is not creating for her shop, Maria enjoys time with her family. “I am happily married to the love of my life whom I met on a white water rafting trip.” Maria is a work at home mom to three spunky boys named River, Hudson and Finn…”Needless to say, our hobbies include anything having to do with the outdoors!”

These are a few of Maria’s favorite items from her shop:

my favorite items in my shops would be the fiber wrap bracelets. I was playing around with some fabric & came up with the idea...they look so unique & chunky ..super cute! I also love the rosette and bowtie earrings...they are fun for everyday wear to spice up my outfits!

You can also find Vintage Ooak Designs Here:

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