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    Time For Crochet is an Etsy shop operated by Letha Holmes. The name of the shop is inspired by her mantra “there’s always time for crochet”. Letha can’t resist buying more yarn, although her supply probably exceeds that which is found in the local craft store.

     Letha’s mother taught her to crochet, knit and sew at about age 10. She’s been enjoying those hobbies ever since, with a few years break to raise two sons. Letha opened her Etsy shop in December 2011 as a means to earn more money to purchase supplies to support her charities. In addition to completed items, Letha designs and sells her original crochet patterns in her shop.

     When Letha decided to retire from her job as a budget analyst for Uncle Sam, she knew she had to find something to fill the hours. Selling her handmade items at local craft shows and consignment shops seemed to be the answer. What a thrill it was when she made her first sale! In 2004, she moved from snowy, cold and humid New Jersey to sunny Arizona. Although 3000 miles away from her family, her hours are filled with the many activities offered in her new community.

    Shortly after moving to Arizona, Letha joined a local crochet and knit club. One of the most rewarding aspects of the club is making and donating handcrafted things for various charities (battered women’s shelters, underprivileged schools, and hospitals).

    When not crocheting, Letha enjoys genealogy. She has traced her family roots back to the 1200’s in England and also helps other family tree enthusiasts.

     These are a few of the items you will find in TimeForCrochet:

You can find TimeForCrochet Here:

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