Monday, February 6, 2012

Photography: An Art Form

Abandoned, Rand

Flock of Birds

Photography was not always considered a true form of Art by all, including many artists. It has only been within the past 75-100 years that photography has become considered true Art, and for many that debate is still ongoing. Before 1900, photography was considered a purely mechanical process of capturing and developing photographs using chemical reactions, even though artists had been using optical devices to create works of art.

The Gate

The development of the camera and process of photograph developing in the early 1900's allowed photographers more versatility and the ability to photograph what could not be captured prior to that period. The Great Depression was an important time for the development of photography as an art form. Photography was the primary means of documenting the effects of the Depression on communities, which had never before been the case.

1962 Ford Falcon
It was in 1940, when the Museum of Modern Art in New York, NY formed a Department of Photography, that photography was internationally recognized as a true form of art.
Photography has since that time expanded and flourished in many directions to include abstract, nature, landscape, architectural and advertising, among other forms of photography that we are so familiar with today.

The Ladder

Love Letter

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