Wednesday, February 29, 2012

PerpectivePhoto - Amanda Bardwell

    PerspectivePhoto is a shop on Etsy owned by Amanda Bardwell, where she sells her amazing photography. Amanda has been interested in photography her whole life, but has become more serious as a photographer in the past 3 years. It was then that she purchased a Canon Rebel T1i camera and joined a photography club in her highschool, and her passion for the art form really began to grow. She started her shop on Etsy in July of 2010.

     Some of her most proud moments of accomplishment have been making sales on Etsy, she says that she "loves the sense of accomplishment she feels whenever she gets a sale on Etsy." She was also very proud when three of her photographs were featured in a Digital Art Exhibition at her college.

     Amanda has been working to expand her Etsy shop, adding new lines of items as she is able. She has started creating and offering some photo cards listed in her shop. She has also recently created a line of photo pendants, which she is hoping to expand to include photo rings, earrings and other jewelry in time. She says "I would love if one day I could turn my shop into my only job."

     Amanda finds her inspsiration many times from taking walks, both through the country side or the city. She also enjoys flipping through books and magazines to find inspiration and ideas. She says "one thing about my shop that I love is the variety of subject matter, I have food, nature, landscape, black and white and architectural photography. I also have bold colors and lots of saturation and I think this shows in my artwork."

     These are a few of Amanda's favorites currently listed in her shop:

To see more of Amanda's work or connect with her please visit:

The photos shown are owned by Amanda Bardwell dba PerspectivePhoto and were published with her consent. They are not to be copied or duplicated in any form without permission from the owner.

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  1. Congratulations! Love your work. Good luck with your shop.