Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Maritebee Photography - Marite Smith

Maritebee Photography is an Etsy shop operated by Marite Smith. She started selling her photography on Etsy in July of 2011, but has been working with photography for many years. Here is Marite's story of her life and her journey that led her to form Maritebee Photography on Etsy in her own words.

I was lucky enough to go to one of the first performing arts high schools in New Jersey some 35 years ago. Back then a high school devoted to the arts was just an experiment, but there I realized how much I loved being behind a camera. When I first studied photography no one had ever even heard of a digital camera, everything was still done on film in a darkroom, analog. Back then I did a lot of black and white concert and street photography. I worked as an assistant for several portrait photographers over the years, though I enjoyed it I knew that was not my passion. As photography evolved in the digital era I fell behind and it has only been recently that I have found my true passion in nature/floral photography, as for the digital part I am still learning daily.

Years ago I joined up with another artist, David Badley and we had our first 'art show' in Salt Lake City, Utah, we served tater tots, maraschino cherries and generic beer during the official opening, true starving artists. The night before the opening we we hung everything and made sure everything was in it's place ready to be seen. The next evening I arrived with butterflies in my stomach, my first art show, yay! But something was wrong. there was en empty space on the wall, the tag was still there, but no artwork, it had been stolen. In secret I was happy, someone admired my work so much they stole it. I often wonder if it still sits on someone's wall.

A couple of years ago a few friends had mentioned Etsy to me, but being a bit technically challenged I thought it was just another computer 'fad' that would soon fizzle out… I would here the word Etsy here and there and finally sat down this past summer and took a look, I was hooked, Maritebee Photography on Etsy was born. When I first opened up Maritebee Photography on Etsy, I found it easy and enjoyable, but after adding my second photo to the site I was confused, the first one was gone, I thought I had done something wrong. Minutes later I got a notice that the photo I had just listed was sold! That was the boost I needed, my first sale.

My inspiration comes from just about anywhere at any given time, but it seems to me being surrounded by nature brings out the creativity in me that I truly want to share with others. I have a deep appreciation for all that surrounds us and really try to find beauty in even the smallest of things.

These are a few of Marite's favorite photos currently listed on Etsy:

Marite also sells her photography locally in Virginia Beach, and works with her husband and partner in thier pest control company. Many of her bug photos are taken with bugs that technicians from this field of work have given to her. Such as this one:

You can find Maritebee Photography on Etsy here:

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