Wednesday, February 22, 2012

BeadsMe - Mandy Harvey

BeadsMe is the name of Mandy's Etsy shop in which she sells both her amazing photography and her gorgeous handmade jewelry. She started selling her jewelry on Etsy about 5 years ago, and more recently has been adding more of her photography work to her shop.

While photography has been a passion for Mandy since she was first able to hold a camera, it was just this last year that she decided to take a course on photography at her local college. Her initial intent was to improve her product photos taken of her jewelry for her listings on Etsy, but she was quickly captivated by the challenges photography presented, when she was "told to leave the easy/auto button alone and use all the other settings available; manual, aperture, shutter speeds and whatever else I could get my camera to do" and was soon addicted to her new creative outlet.

Mandy's current photography is focused mostly on landsacpes, waterscapes being one of her favorites. She also has a passion for old buildings and loves to photgraph animals. When asked about her most proud moments or accomplishments in her photography work she said "[my] biggest accomplishment and proud moment has been photographing running water so that it looks like silk and then having a work colleague purchase a copy which now sits in her husbands office at work. I must admit both my husband and myself loved this photograph so much that we actually had it enlarged and framed".

She is also very proud of having verbally walked a friend of hers through how to adjust the settings and focus on her camera to take a photograph of herself with her husband next to a waterfall and have the waterfall give a misty effect. Her friend was able to do just that, and here is the photo of Mandy and her husband that was taken by her friend under her direction.

Mandy's inspiration for her photography comes from the outdoors. She says "Australia is a very inspirational country. You can have 4 seasons in one day or drive a few hours from lush green land to dry deserted fields." During the week, Mandy is an accountant, but she says she has been known to leave home for work earlier than needed, with her camera in her car in order to catch the morning sunrise or a playing foal before heading in to work.

Mandy is currently planning on working on new designs for her Etsy shop to combine her jewelry and photography. These plans are in the developmental stage, but she's hoping to be releasing new designs later on this year. She is also currently taking another photography class which is currently focused on portrait photography, which she is finding very helpful for her son's upcoming wedding, and she's hoping to capture many great memories for years to come. She says to "watch this space" as new designs will be in store soon, and maybe new styles of photography as well.

These are a couple of Mandy's favorite photographs currently listed in her Etsy shop (The first photo shown, Mandy's proud moment photo is also available in her shop):

You can find all of Mandy's photography and jewelry in her Etsy shop here:

Or you can find and connect with Mandy and her work here:

All of the photographs in this post are owned by Mandy Harvey and were published with her permission, they are not to be copied or reproduced in any way without her consent.


  1. This last photo of the two donkeys is amazing!! I don't know the photograhy vocabulary to describe what makes it amazing, but you have managed to capture the personality of these beautiful animals and share it with us all!!

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