Thursday, January 26, 2012

What is 'Meaningful'?

You've been told to share 'meaningful content' with your audience on your blog and Facebook page. The question is, what is meaningful? Here are a few ideas for content that will interest, excite and engage your blog and Facebook audiences resulting in participation, comments and interaction.

  1. Upload candid photos of a phase of your process to share with your followers. You could turn it into a fun ‘guess what I’m doing game’.
  2. Promote related businesses on your page/blog. Share the Etsy love with a shop that compliments your offerings
  3. Create a Facebook event and invite your fans. Are you participating in a craft fair or local market? Let your fans and followers know!
  4. Announce coupons and sales. Everyone loves a great deal!
  5. And what do they love more than a great deal…Winning Stuff! Engage with contests, competitions, drawings or sweepstakes! Be sure to follow the Facebook rules governing giveaways and they can be a fun way to get your fans involved
  6. Give information and advice. People are looking for value in their news and RSS feed. They don’t want to be sold to, they want information. This can be as simple as sharing content from people you follow…that’s why it’s called a ‘network’!
  7. Ask questions in your status to encourage interaction and conversation. It’s easy to use Facebook Questions with multiple choice answers…here’s a link for How To: Click Here


  1. I don't do Facebook but I have a Pinterest account and add items from other Etsy sellers.

    I also Tweet about new items, holiday-specific items, etc. in my shop. I sometimes tweet treasuries and items from other sellers that match/go with items I've made.

    My blog is a mix of what I'm making, what's going on with my metalsmithing class, recipes, life, etc. I don't know if it's the right mix yet but time will tell.

    If anyone wants to critique my blog:

  2. Sorry for the tardy reply, Libellula Jewelry. I took a minute to check out your blog...all I can say is Sticky Lemon Rolls...numnumnumnum!!!

    I love the way your feature treasuries in your right column. It's a wonderful way to share the love with curators and those you've included in your gorgeous treasuries!

    I think you are including a wonderful mix of content...promoting your own endeavors, promoting others and sharing really pertinent information. I especially like the info and images you share about your process of making molds from the vintage buttons...very cool! It really personalizes your work and gives a glimpse into the time and commitment you put into your jewelry.