Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shop Spotlight - mariasHandmade

     Maria started mariasHandmade in early 2011. One year later she is celebrating over 100 sales on Etsy! Maria says, “It all started by chance, I was never thinking…about sewing and crafting as a full-time job.” She started making things just for herself and then for some friends. She soon realized “my inspiration flows over this border and I create for someone…I just see people who could wear my accessories or jewelry. Their lifestyle, self-perception and even appearance. It’s always different, of course, but it’s in my head all the time.”

     Maria loves personalizing and customizing items for her customers which inspired her to start a second shop Found It Great, a vintage clothing and accessory shop where each item is waiting for it’s story to unfold. Maria says the most gratifying part of owning her Etsy shops is “getting lovely messages from people who just love what I’m doing…writing people (sellers) ‘just like that’ means you Really love their work.” She dreams of travelling to far off places and running into someone who wears her creations. “That would be great and I believe it will happen one day!

     Maria is inspired by everything around her but mainly by materials. “When I see a piece of fabric, a stone…I imagine where it can be used. But the interesting thing is it almost never looks like it was in my head. The idea is born while I’m crafting.”

     Several of Maria’s favorites include these suede and chain creations.

     Outside of working on her shop, Maria loves enjoys video, photography and everything about design and fashion. She aspires to combine all of these things in a project someday. “I love trying something new all the time and now I’m just looking for myself in this life.” Maria photographs herself modeling her fashions for her shops.

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  1. I love the way your bracelets flow and move. Very unique and beautiful!