Friday, January 20, 2012

RaveBracelets - AP Team Leader

Rave Bracelets - AP Team Leader

     RaveBracelets is operated by Rebecca Swan, who goes by Becca. She opened her shop on Etsy in June of 2011, and she sells Rave Bracelets and Anklets, which are her handmade fabric bracelets and anklets with a twist. Her shop on Etsy evolved from the handmade acupressure bracelets that Becca makes for cancer and other patients needing treatment for nausea, morning or motion sickness, heartburn, etc.

     When she isn't busy working on her line of Rave Bracelets, Becca spends much of her time working on making the Anti Nausea Bracelets for those patients, which she sells on her web site Rogue Swan Creations The rest of Becca's time is spent caring for and being with her family, which consists of her boyfriend, two sons, three dogs, five cats and one turtle. She claims it seems that her day never ends, and I can only imagine that to be true.

     Becca had been a professional equestrian, but decided to take an extended leave of absence after learning that her younger son is high functioning autistic to be at home and care for him. She says, " This stay at home mom thing is hard for someone like me so I found an unexpected love for making acupressure bracelets and fabric jewelry. A few years ago I didn’t even know how to sew a button on… it’s funny how life can change at a moment’s notice. Everything I do is for my family. I want my children to look back upon their childhood with a smile."

     When asked what her hopes and goals were as leader of the AP Team she said, "My hopes and goals for AP team are to gain knowledge and support from each other and to have success with our individual businesses through team work."

These are a couple of the items you will find in RaveBracelets:

These are two of the Anti Nausea Bracelets you can find at

RaveBracelets can be found here:

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