Tuesday, January 17, 2012

PhreshThreadz - AP Team Leader


     PhreshThreadz is run by Shannon Johnston, where she sells mostly handmade bohohemian and hippie style womens’ clothing, bags and jewelry. She opened her shop in February 2011. Shannon learned to sew in high school when her best friend’s dream to be a fashion designer rubbed off. “I didn’t really do much then but when I did start teaching myself a few years ago I went back to what she had taught me as a starting point.” Shannon taught herself to make the clothes and bags she likes to wear and use. Shannon’s jewelry making started with a trip to Michael’s craft store. “I happened to come across some beads that I loved, so I bought them and what I thought I would need to make a necklace, only to get home and realize I had only half of what I needed!” From there, she was hooked and started making all kinds of different jewelry. “It is something that my daughter and I really enjoy doing together.”

     Shannon says “I am mother first. We like to take our kids out to the parks or the lakes, see movies or just play with the kids at home.” When She is not busy with her family she’s working on her sewing or jewelry making. Even with her full time job at a metal spinning company, she sometimes has time to enjoy her love for reading. She likes to crochet, paint and do paper crafting and scrapbooking as well. Shannon’s greatest inspiration is her children. “They have a way of thinking that is not limited to the ‘impossible’ that I wish came so easy to me.” She is also inspired by the world around her, nature, people and all the interactions that take place.

     Shannon hopes to see the Etsy AP Team become a meeting place for sellers and buyers. She sees the Team as a supportive environment focused on helping develop our crafts and businesses in order to be as successful as possible.

     These are a couple of the items you will find in PhreshThreadz :

You can find PhreshThreadz here:

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