Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MeshuMaSH - Vintage Finds

     MeshuMaSH is a vintage collectors' shop, ran by Irit Avraham, from the Galilee region of Isreal. In this shop she sells the great finds that she has come across while exploring flea markets. Irit also operates another etsy shop called artusticmood, in which she sells her art. Her first art shop, which opened about 14 months ago was her first shop on Etsy, and she has more recently ventured into the vintage business. She says that while " my main love is drawing women faces, figurative realistic faces, which move me," the vintage shop is "a new adventure for me, I like exploring old times and things that hold memories in them."

    When asked what inspires her, this is what Irit had to say: "Making things, crafting, is kind of a mood I get in, my inspiration is all that surround me, colors, sounds, objects, which at some point join together in mind, and manifest themselves. I make things, I up cycled things, not all of them are in my shops. I visit markets, and some things just call me, somehow they arise from all things, and I feel I need to have them, imagining them in someone's home, in my home. Exploring for things is a kind of art, because it is always new, always exciting, it is a way of respecting other people creations."

     "I am proud of the fact that I was persistent on making my online shop a successful place. The vintage shop is my second shop, Selling my Art was not easy, and I wanted to stay on Etsy, I loved all that is about it. Selling online is the future marketing, I feel good in that environment, and I feel creative, in more than one way."
      Irit's goal for her shops is to keep them interesting places, that people want to come back to, and where everyone can find a piece of themselves. She wants her shops to be exciting, and carry special items that awaken visitors' imaginations. She wants for her customers to get to know her, and to recognize and count on her devotion to them and her shops.

     When not busy running her three shops, Irit is busy running her house and three guys that love to eat. She enjoys creating all types of things, from cooking, baking, painting, sculpturing to making jewelry. She says, "Sometimes my muse is a material, sometimes a photo I see or a story I read, a leaf on the ground, basically everything surrounds me." She also enjoys reading, taking long walks and just lying out in the sun when she gets the chance.

     While Irit loves all the items she has for sale in her shops, these are a few of her favorites. These items can be found in MeshuMaSH:

     And these are a few of her favorites from artisticmood:

You can visit Irit's Shops and connect with her here:

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    I just LOVE it!
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