Sunday, January 8, 2012

megk8199 (Made by Meg) - AP Team Leader

megk8199 (Made by Meg)

     The shop megk8199 (Made by Meg) is operated by Megan, and she makes and sells knit items, including comfy knit socks, coffee cozies and more. She does plan however, to expand her shop to include sewn items and stitch markers in the near future. She originally opened her shop in June of 2010, but has just recently been getting more serious in her Etsy ventures. Megan taught herselft to knit a few years back while unemployed and needed something to keep occupied with. Since then she has also taught herself to crochet, sew and quilt, and is now trying her hand at card making and other paper crafts. She has found that she enjoys being crafty and learning new crafts.

     While not working on her shop on Etsy, Megan works as a server at a Denny's restaurant. She also enjoys watching sporting events; college football, college basketball and baseball are her favorites. But as her boyfriend is a huge Giants fan, that is what they are following currently. She also enjoys watching movies, reading, playing World of Warcraft and knitting and other crafty projects of course. She says her inspiration for her work comes from many places, sometimes she gets an idea from something she sees online or in a store, or sometimes ideas just come to her. She doesn't require much sleep, so she has that time to think about and plan her next projects.

     As for Megan's hopes and goals for the AP Team, she says " I hope that it can help our members become more successful than they would be on their own, and that we can grow to be supportive and super helpful to everyone involved."

These are a couple of the items that you will find in megk8199 (Made by Meg):

You can find megk8199 (Made by Meg) here:

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