Tuesday, January 10, 2012

BeadsMe - AP Team Leader


     BeadsMe is run by Mandy Harvey, and she sells handmade jewelry and some photogrophy. She joined Etsy in September of 2007, has been selling her jewelry on Etsy since October of 2007 and just more recently began selling her photography. She started making her handmade jewelry when looking for something fun to do in her spare time. She is a self taught jewelry artist. Her inspiration comes from the world she lives in, she says, "I love to colour co-ordinate jewelry for seasons and the present fashion."

     Mandy has recently completed a course in photography and due to start another one in February. She also runs another Esty Shop called Radicalglass, in which she sells items such as earrings, pendants and plates that she has created by fusing glass. However, she only does this craft seasonally as the summer heat in Sydney prevents her from working too much with fusing glass.

     When Mandy is not working on her projects for either of her two shops, or busy working on her photography, she is at work as a full time accountant. Mandy is also a volunteer fire-fighter, and may at times be found puting out a bushfire.

     Mandy's hopes and goals for the AP Team are to see it grow and become a great team where we can all learn from each other. She says that "a great team is one that runs smoothly. A group of people that are there for each other to advise and make suggestion for all of us to learn from. Yes we are all still learing - new things come along every day."

These are a couple of the items that you will find in BeadsMe:

You can find BeadsMe and Radicalglass here:

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