Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ananda Bijoux (Bliss Gemstones) - AP Team Leader

Ananda Bijoux (Bliss Gemstones)


      Ananda Bijoux (Bliss Gemstones) is run by Katrina Laflin, or Kat for short. In her shop you can find Chakra Balancing Gemstone Jewelry. She has been selling her jewelry on Etsy since September of 2011. Her jewelry creating started about 10 years ago, when she couldn't find exactly what she wanted anywhere and therefore decided to make what she wanted for herself. About 7 years ago she began exploring her own religous beliefs and learning about world religions, and at the same time began exploring complimentary medicine. She says "I found a connection between my search for enlightenment and the vibrational aspects of energy medicine. It all came together in my jewelry."

     When she is not working on her jewelry and her shop, Kat is a landscape architect, and has owned her own firm for 14 years. She states that the changes in the economy have given her the opportunity to explore other avenues of her self expression, and the result has been her jewelry and shop on Etsy. She is inpired by the world around her, and always has been. She says " The colors, aromas and sensory experience of being in nature is always a big inspiration to me. Any time I'm stuck creatively or feeling a bit off, a walk outside feeling the sun on my face or the cold wind against my skin helps ground me and energize my creativity."

    Kat's goals for the AP Team are for it to be a go-to platform for all team members to grow their business, both on Etsy and other aspects of life. She hopes to see the team expand as the world of social media expands to address new social media platforms and opportunities.

These are a couple of the items that you will find in Ananda Bijoux:

Ananda Bijoux can be found here: